Personal vs Professional Online Identity

Distinguishing where to draw the line between my personal and profesThe image I use in professional settings.sional online identity is not a difficult decision for me. While I use LinkedIn solely for the purpose of my professional life and activities, I am not afraid to also share my more informal social media profiles with my colleagues, classmates, and potential employers.

For many years, I have maintained a strictly PG appropriate Facebook page due to the gradual increase of family members joining Facebook over the years (including my very no-nonsense 89-year-old grandmother). Therefore, there are no posts or photos on my Facebook profile that could be considered inappropriate, insensitive, or incriminating. The same goes for my Instagram, Google+, and Twitter profiles. This makes my professional life easier, as I don’t have to worry about employers finding out information that I would rather them not know.

I have already begun connecting with some members of the teaching team for IAB260 on other online spaces, as I am generally interested in getting to know them as people, and not just as deliverers of information. If they are willing to share their lives and interests with me, then I am willing to share mine with them. I am also happy to connect with any peers in this subjects who would also like to get to know me on other social media platforms. Please don’t be afraid to add/connect/follow me if you wish.

Until next time, IAB260!


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