Cooking with Spirit

Last year, for my twenty-first birthday, my beautiful future in-laws gifted IMG_1093me a voucher to the Spirit House Cooking School in Yandina. Today, I finally attended my ‘Wok Meals for Busy People’ class.

Having never been to a cooking school or anything of the like before, I was unsure what to expect. Alas, I was utterly blown away by the sheer beauty, class, and deliciousness of the place! Hidden amongst a forest of bamboo, peace, and tranquillity, lay the Spirit House Cooking School.

Inside the school, our chef, Kelly, gave us the rundown on what delicious Thai dishes we would be preparing for our lunch:

  • Steamed Salmon with Ginger and Black Bean Sauce
  • Crispy Sweet Potato Noodle Balls with Szechwan Pepper Glaze
  • Stir Fry Pork with Pineapple, Ginger and Yellow Bean Sauce
  • Chicken Curry with Water Spinach Kaffir Lime and Tamarind
  • Singapore Style Seafood Noodles

It was exciting to see the inside of a real industry kitchen for the first time!

The first step in the process was to prepare all the ingredients that we’d be using that day. We spent a good part of the morning chopping, slicing, and squeezing.

Next, we had to use a mortar and pestle to pound many of our chopped up ingredients in order to make a red curry paste.

The first dish we prepared was the Crispy Sweet Potato Noodle Balls, which we sat down and ate early as an appetiser:

After our noodle balls, it was time to start cooking the main meals. The first meal we cooked was the Steamed Salmon and Ginger and Black Bean Sauce (personally, this dish was my favourite):

Next we cooked the Stir Fry Pork Belly:

Then the Singapore Style Seafood Noodles were dished up. The seafood in this dish were prawns and cuttlefish!

Last but not least was the beautiful chicken curry:

All the dishes were laid out on our tables as a banquet and we ate until our heart’s content!

All in all I had an absolutely marvellous day! I had fun and learned an abundance of information, not only about preparing and cooking food (you should peel ginger with a SPOON so as not to waste any like when peeling with a knife!), but also Thailand itself (did you know putting a FORK in your mouth in Thailand is akin to licking food off your knife in a fancy restaurant?! Rude!). I am so, so thankful to the Rakovszky Family for gifting me this marvellous experience! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to use it. 10/10 would attend a Spirit House class again!


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